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Windows that RESIST

ClearlySAFE Auto’s Smash and Grab® automotive glass protection is your first line of defense against vehicle break-ins. Our engineered automotive glass protection film, applied using a patented process, forms an undetectable yet robust bond. Criminals are deterred as they face increased difficulty breaking into your vehicle, forcing them to abandon their attempts.

Unparalleled Resistance

Our protection film stands strong against rocks, bats, hammers, nail set tools, porcelain chips, skateboards, and more. While windows may incur damage, they steadfastly resist a criminal\’s attempt to break in.

Proactive Security

Investing in protection is an investment in proactive security. Why wait for theft or damage to occur? Protect your valuables before they are taken, and avoid the aftermath.

The reality of Auto Thefts – Epidemic Proportions

Auto theft has reached alarming levels, with an average smash-and-grab thief taking less than 3 seconds. In San Francisco alone, 137 break-ins occurred in a single day. Overworked police struggle to respond, and victims often turn to insurance with little hope of recovery.

Make No Mistake…This can SAVE your life!

Beyond material possessions, our Smash and Grab® protection safeguards against potential life-threatening situations. Unsecured windows leave you vulnerable, but once protected, you and your possessions are significantly safer.

Glass Vulnerability

As the weakest part of your vehicle, glass is easily breached during vehicle crimes. But with Clearly Safe Auto\’s Smash and Grab® film, you can fortify your vehicle against these threats.

Regardless of where you live, or the size of your town or city, it can happen to you!

–20 auto break-ins in a 14-hour span, at a small South Carolina town, according to the Greenville County Sheriff’s office

–47% spike in car break-ins over the last year

–22 break-ins in a 2-hour span at Eagle Mountain, Utah, according to the Utah County Sheriff.

–Automotive Glass Protection Solutions for ANY SIZE Vehicle

From compact cars to large vans or SUVs, Clearly Safe Auto has you covered. We can outfit 2, 4, or 6 side windows in just 24 hours. Appointments are in high demand, so call today to secure our automotive glass protection service.

Proactive Measures for a Safer Tomorrow

Drive confidently, knowing you’ve taken the proactive measures needed to enhance your safety and the safety of those who are most important to you.

In an increasingly dangerous world, taking prudent steps to protect yourself and your belongings makes sense. 

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