Rise in Burglaries

Alarming Rise in Burglaries: 6 Surprising Facts

Alarming Rise in Burglaries: Six Surprising Facts

There are a number of surprising facts about an alarming rise in burglaries. In a nation where burglaries occur every 30 seconds, the statistics are undeniably unsettling. The FBI reports that a staggering two burglaries happen each minute, contributing to over 3,000 daily incidents. With this alarming frequency, a State of Safety Survey reveals that break-ins and burglaries are the second most-feared property crime. 

The financial aftermath of  burglary is substantial. Beyond the monetary toll, victims often grapple with the emotional impact, as burglars frequently target items of sentimental value, leaving lasting scars on their mental health. In many cases, valuables and personally identifying information are stolen.

1. The Reality of Rise in Burglaries

Our survey findings align with national concerns – burglary is one of the most-feared property crimes. Vehicle break-ins can happen at any time. Cars parked in driveways or streets can be easy targets. Burglaries also can often occur during the day, with statistics showing that large numbers happen when people are at work or running errands. However, a large number of them also occur when people are present. Armitek Security Film provides around-the-clock protection, ensuring your property remains secure at all times at your weakest entry point, glass.

2. A Timely Investment

Vehicle burglaries can happen anytime. However, as temperatures change, so does a rise burglaries, with a notable increase of approximately 10% in warm months. Another notable time is during the holidays. Armitek Security Film is your proactive defense against seasonal spikes in criminal activity. Contact us now to ensure your protection is installed here in the holidays or before the temperatures increase.

3. Securing Your Peace of Mind

As rural states and metropolitan areas witness a rise in burglaries, both large populations are vulnerable. Armitek Security Film bridges this, offering comprehensive protection regardless of your location.

4. Burglary Rates Continue Strong

While burglary rates continue strong, losses amounting to $3 billion cannot be ignored. Armitek Security Film empowers you to take control of your security, with studies showing that this type of security significantly deters burglars.

Smash and Grab®

More and more vehicles that have other security measures are finding criminals breaking in through glass, stealing items and leaving quickly (the average smash-and-grab takes about 3 seconds), making the other security measures nearly ineffective. When criminals are not able to gain access through the glass, they fear getting caught and leave quickly for an easier burglary target. 

5. Vehicle Windows

Vehicle glass windows can be easy to shatter, leaving them vulnerable to attack. An important safety option includes the installation of shatter-resistant film to protect against a rise in burglaries, car jackings, and other threats.

6. Take Action Now – Armitek Shatter-Resistant Glass Security Film

Armitek encourages you to be proactive, not reactive, in securing your vehicle. Don’t wait until you become a victim – invest in an affordable Armitek Security Film product today. Protect your people, and valuables, and ensure a future where safety is not just a priority but a relief. It’s better to have glass protection and not need it than to need it and not have it.


Our engineered automotive glass protection film, applied using a patented process, forms an undetectable yet robust bond that can stop intruders.

Unparalleled Resistance

Our barrier stands strong against rocks, bats, hammers, nail set tools, porcelain chips, skateboards, and more. While the glass may incur damage, the film steadfastly resists any attempt to break in, protecting your valuables and private information.

Proactive Security

Investing in protection is an investment in proactive security. Why wait for theft or damage to occur? Protect your valuables before they can be taken.

The Reality of Auto Thefts – Epidemic Proportions

Auto theft has reached alarming levels. In San Francisco alone, 137 break-ins occurred in a single day. Overworked police struggle to respond and victims often turn to insurance with little hope of recovery. Don’t let this happen to you!

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