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Auto Glass Repair – What if your auto glass company just does not care?

Just like in so many other types of businesses, there are companies that care about their customers and companies that seemingly only care about the bottom line. We have found quite often that the bigger a company gets, the less they may care about you as a customer.

For many smaller companies, every customer may mean the difference between the reward of growing a small business or going out-of-business. It means something to them.

Plus, it stands to reason, there is a lot of satisfaction for most people supporting local businesses, helping the area where you live economically, and having your needs met as a customer in a meaningful way.


Really, that many cars?

There are over 2,864,937 cars registered in Utah alone. That’s a lot of glass. The biggest auto glass companies relish getting a very large percentage of that business, at your expense. They feel there is not a huge amount of competition for them, so they can charge exorbitant prices and not worry about taking care of you as a customer. In essence, they seem to win, you seem to lose.

Actual reviews for one nationwide company

Jackie G –

“I was mistreated by the angry sounding person answering the phone, telling me she was just about to report me for nonpayment and wreck my credit rating (which is 815 by the way). All this because it took my insurance company 5 business days to process the claim, to cover $250 of the repair total for a new windshield on my college student’s car…one of the vertical gaskets flew off the newly installed windshield. 

Thank — it didn’t hit someone’s car…I used their online estimator to repair a very small ding in my windshield from a rock (but had no intention of using them). (Sic) Quote was $169. I took my car to my local shop, they quoted me $40, but ended up charging me NOTHING because it was so small. Moral of the story, STAY AWAY FROM *******!”

Jeff C

“Had them replace the rear window of my truck. There was glass all over the driveway when the technician was done. He asked for a broom. I gave him a broom and a dustpan…A few minutes later I look out the window and the idiot is sweeping all the glass into my yard. 

He had a dustpan and garbage can right there. (Sic) Had to contact ******** (what a hassle) and he was sent back later to “clean up” after…my wife and I had already spent the last hour on our hands and knees cleaning up his mess in below freezing temps. 

The tech came back out, denied he did it then got belligerent when I called him out on it. I…called…********. The manager was supposed to call me (sic) day of service. It’s been 2 days now, no call, no apology, just a bunch of unprofessional jerks.

Richard G

“(A) tech from ******** came to my house to replace my windshield. The tech disassembled parts of my vehicle to prepare (sic) the replacement of my broken windshield. When the tech tried installing the safety device bracket on the new windshield it would not fit correctly…he could not replace the windshield. 

The tech called his shop to see if there was another windshield in stock and found out there was (sic) 2 in stock. Instead of going back to the shop…the tech was told to put all parts back on my vehicle…and be back (a week later) to replace my windshield and then he left…he made the cracks on my windshield worse. Instead of…just one crack now there is four more cracks. 

I called…and explained…I don’t think it’s safe for my wife to drive the vehicle. The person on the other line said there was nothing she could do. She could not get my windshield replaced any sooner, basically the way I see it she did not care. 

What is wrong with you ********? You need to take better care of your customers. The tech should (sic) of checked to see if the bracket fit the new windshield before he took my vehicle apart and further damaged my vehicle. Also (sic) I found broken parts on the ground in my driveway after the tech left.”

Ryan B

“They deserve a “0” star review. Overall…customer service for this company is non-existent. They make it impossible to try and talk with someone to answer questions and then complain when you schedule something incorrect (sic). The statement around guarantee (sic) warranty is completely inaccurate and they utilize second hand (sic) materials. They then tell you there is no different from faculty materials, which is unbelievable. Will not utilize this company ever again.”

Auto Glass Repair, Replacement, and Services Bottom Line

You probably got the idea of the extent of the problem from these few reviews. The company is probably laughing all the way to the bank because they believe you feel you have no other option but to go through them. You likely also believe it’s not right for them to take advantage of their customers in this way and that personally, you do not want to be treated this way. 

In each case, the response from the company was the same word-for-word, “Hello, (sic) We are sorry to hear this and would like to help further. Please contact us at 1-800*******.”

What happens when you call their 1-800 number? “…I was mistreated,” “It’s been 2 days now, no call, no apology,” “…she did not care,” “…impossible to try and talk with someone….”

Just because a company has slick marketing, commercials, catchy jingles…does not mean they will take care of you. You can send a clear message to companies that treat their customers like this by choosing to do business with someone other than the biggest auto glass repair and replacement companies.

As a local glass company in the Provo/Orem area, we would love to earn your business, we care about you, and we will go out of our way to ensure you have the best experience possible! Thank you from Clearly Safe Auto, for all your auto glass repair, replacement, and services needs!

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Auto Glass Repair

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